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We possess nearly decade and more years of experience in Apparel manufacturing in Bangladesh , providing solutions to renowned brands across the world . Work with passion ,integrity & determination day after day.

Our hospitality industry includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism.

We are committed to providing comprehensive air cargo solutions to both domestic and international customers. We provide excellent service to all our clients based on our long standing expertise backed by financial solvency and strong business liaisons with local & foreign clients and freight forwarders in the country and abroad.

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Our Sustainability

Our Sustainability strategy is anchored to our Pillars of Air, Water and Earth, which encompass our most significant impacts on the environment. Our team continues to explore new innovations and technology, allowing us to optimize our resource consumption, and mitigate impacts. Across BPG, our employees remain steadfast in playing our role as a responsible apparel manufacturer, guided by our sustainable best practices.

Focused On Renewable Energy

Blue Planet Knit Composite Ltd – Continues to explore innovative means of resource optimization and enhancing our dependency on renewable energy planning to install total capacity of 2 MW of Solar PV over the roof

Water Balance

Water Savings - Re use treated outlet water from the ETP. Outlet water from the ETP is acttually used for toilet flush/ gardening purpose with implementation of RO , we will be able to re use 70%of our treated waste water - Qaulity of water - Cod effieiency is 98% cpmpared to others which is 70% to 80% - For zero discharge Palnning to add membrane filtration ,AERO and then ZLD plant.

Zero Liquid Discharge System

Looking forward Energy Saving – Boiler Exhaust - Exhaust temperature from the chimney of boiler ( exhaust Gas Boiler ) will be used to produce steam & used on production floor. Eco friendly Exhaust temperature reduced to 50% in turn less damage to the atmosphere

Solid & Gaseous Discharge System

Water being a scarce & costly resource, BPKCL has worked out ways to recover rain water for its daily use. Most of our buildings have metal sheet roofs & all the rain water pipes can be easily routed to our pond & collection tanks. At our main dye house, water can be collected during rainy period from the roof where water is then pumped through softener plants & then re used in dyeing


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Better Work

Blue Planet Fashion wear Ltd – Participated in training session of Better Work on dated – which is in collaboration between the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group – is a comprehensive programme bringing together all ...


Blue Planet Knit Composite Ltd Conducted there annual badminton competition.

Blue Planet Knit Composite Ltd Conducted there annual badminton competition was held on 16 Feb 2022 in presence of our honorable MD together with some other directors of our sister companies.


Blue Planet Fashion wear Ltd Celebrated their Annual get together

Blue Planet Fashion wear Ltd Celebrated their Annual get together on the day of 20th January 2022 in presence of our honorable Chairman & MD together with other directors of our sister concern’s in a vibrant manner to mark this program as a most memorable event


A colourful cultural programme is held at BPFL

Spring is given a warm welcome with songs and dances at BPFL Factory.The start of the Bangla month Falgun is welcomed with various tinge of yellow across the factory people with cultural programmes having the theme of Spring to welcome of nature.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Blue Planet as group set the standards for their workers’ rights , a safe work environment & environmentally friendly production process. Continued efforts to maintain the wellbeing of its people and the environment , by deep & abiding commitment to Corporate social Responsibility taking a values driven approach to business.